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Craigslist Idiocy

Well, I've been looking through Craigslist ads lately out of boredom. Under "Strictly Platonic" w4m, there are a number of ads that don't fit.

Why is that, you may ask? It's because they're meant for the dating section. "Strictly Platonic" means that there is no romantic or sexual relationship being requested, just friends to talk and hang out. But, despite this, there are a number of ads from women looking for their "Special One". I have a feeling that these women might just be lonely and desperate.

Don't get me wrong, though, I'm sure there are men that do the same thing in the m4w section. But, the question is, are they desperate or stupid?

Hello LiveJournal. I hope someone reads this, because this isn't that journal I write in for no one to ever see.

This is for everyone to see, for everyone to think about. I hope that I can both get help from those of you here and help you.

I'll just go by Doctor. Clean, simple, easy to remember.

Well, like I said, hello everyone!


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